mobil meny

From idea to finished product

We take responsibility for the entire productionprocess from concept to the finished product. It may include drawings, punching, edgepressing, painting, assembly, etc.. By doing this you only need one supplier, and can focus on your core business.


Our presses perform cutout, bending and drawing. The presspower is from 16 to 350 tons.


Our modern punching machines make us both efficient and flexible whether it be big or small series.

Fibre laser

Our fibre laser cutting machine can cut most materials.



In our edgepressing service we are able to press parts with length up to 4 meters with a pressure force of 200 tons.

Bending Machine

With our fully automatic panel bending machine, we can offer customers fast, effecient production.


To ensure product quality and short lead time we have our own welding department.

Wire EDM

Through our wire EDM, we can offer our customers high-precision parts.


Flock is a fiber of polyamide or polyester as we apply the adhesive to the sheet metal parts.

Assembly & packaging

We can help you as a customer with the assembly and packaging of your products.


To ensure production operation we have our own tooling department which develops new tools and maintain existing tools for our customers.


We have a large warehousspace allowing us to deliver to our customers with short lead times.