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Jansson Industri

We have since the start in 1978 evolved into a complete provider of sheet metal products. In the summer of 1983 we moved to our current location, Sjörydsvägen 2. Since 1983 we have expanded our facilites more than 16 times. These expansions have come in line with the renewed investments in machinery and expanded storage.

  • Modern machinery

    Modern machinery

    Our modern machinery allows us to be both efficient and flexible while we can deliver quality products at competitive prices.

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  • Competent staff

    Competent staff

    We work hard to become even better in our quality work to continuously improve our production and organization.

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  • Customized facilities

    Customized facilities

    In order to obtain the most efficient production possible, we have over the years made a number of expansions and modifications of both the production area, warehouse and offices.

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