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Quality & environment

Our quality and environmental policy: To deliver a product at the right time, in the right quality at the right price with minimum environmental impact.

Quality Policy 

We are constantly working to improve our quality in production and is ISO 9001 certified. But it's not just in production, we strive to exceed our colleagues in the industry, also in terms of service, administration and everything else around the product, we want to be a partner who is easy to work with.

Environmental Policy 

We are working hard to reduce our environmental impact. This applies both in production where we, for example, attempts to reduce material waste which is good both for the environment and for our customers but also in the administrative work, we try to become more environmentally efficient.

When we do renovations and expansions, we take into account the environment and is meticulous in building an environmentally friendly manner that also minimizes our energy needs.

Although our choice of electricity by wind power enables us to reduce our environmental impact.