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Jansson Industri invests in a panel bending machine

The machine's equipment provides us with flexible manufacturing and enables usability and speed from idea to prototype and production even in small series.

The machine P4L-2120 from Salvagnini is the result of a thorough evaluation of technology and machine performance.

The tool setting between the panels is done with automatic tuning and after the bending inverter there is a sheet turner that turns the sheet 180 degrees without a cycle time loss, eg. if there are transformations or if the sheet is plastic coated.

The panel bending machine is also equipped with an integrated robot stacker that stacks the finished products on pallets or in hedges. The robot is fully integrated into the Salvagnini software and the programming of the stacking robot takes place automatically.

Together with our previous investment of fiber laser we currently have one of Europe's most modern machinery for sheet metal processing.