Eccentric Pressing

Our presses carry out, among other things, cutting, bending, drawing and riveting. The pressing force is 16-350 tons.


We manufacture products in most grades of material in thicknesses from 0.3-5 mm.

Automatic pressureing

Today in our machinery we have 10 pieces of modern automatic pressure liner with press forces from 16ton to 350ton.

Manual pressureing

Press power of our manual presses today is from 25ton to 350ton. In these machines, we carry out the following processes: clippings, bending, riveting and assembling of  various parts.

We offer

Modern machine park

Our modern machinery makes us both efficient and flexible, while at the same time we can deliver quality products at competitive prices.

Competent staff

We work hard to become even better in our quality work to constantly improve our production and organization.

Adapted premises

In order to achieve the most efficient production possible, over the years we have made a number of additions and conversions of both production space, warehouses and offices.


On our trainee program, you get training as a setter and salary at the same time.