Quality and Environment

Our quality work

We work continuously to raise our quality in production and are certified according to ISO 9001.

We strive to surpass our competitors both in production, in terms of service, administration and everything else around the product. Our main goal is to be a collaborative partner who is easy to work with, from idea to finished product.

Our quality and environmental policy is simple: To deliver a product at the right time, in the right quality at the right price with the least possible environmental impact.

Environmental policy

We work hard to reduce our environmental impact. This applies both in production where, for example, we try to reduce material waste, which is good both for the environment and for our customers. We also try to become more environmentally efficient in our administrative work.

When we do renovations and extensions, we take the environment into account and are careful to build in an environmentally friendly way that also minimizes our energy needs.

We have also chosen wind power as our primary energy source.